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7 reasons to make love, or what is the profit from sex

Everyone knows about the benefits of sex. So the best way to spend a warm summer evening is make love!

Benefit from SecureStream seven reasons to have sex:

1. Soothes the pain.
During lovemaking is produced countless hormones, including so-called hormone of happiness”;- endorphin, which significantly reduces painful sensations. Doctors believe orgasm easily can replace two pain pills. Therefore, before to refuse loved in an intim due to migraines, beware: maybe to have sex, and not run immediately for analgin!
2. Reduces discomfort during the critical days.
During sex, the genital women repeatedly contract and relax. Thus, they strengthened. Therefore, premenstrual syndrome themselves monthly flow more smoothly and less uncomfortable.

3. Perfectly removes stress.
Here is of great importance above the hormone of happiness”; – endorphin, which is produced during sexual foreplay and orgasm. Continue reading

Why girls do not want to get acquainted. Women’s opinion

There are many answers to the question: Why girls don’t want to learn?
Actually there is no girl who wants to get acquainted with the guys. Just guys that are ideal to meet people, not always persistent and stubborn as they ought to be.

Why girls do not want to get acquainted. Women’s opinion

Recently watched a video of how the guy got acquainted with a girl who didn’t want him to get acquainted. Acquaintance happened at the traffic lights, the guy was sitting in his car, and the girl was in my car, time was very little, as the red light was on maximum minute. A guy invited the girl to drink coffee, to which she replied that now hurry and coffee to buy nowhere. What the guy did not lose, with him in the car was driving a friend who drank coffee, the boy took the coffee from a friend and gave the girl refused and took the coffee, thanked him. Continue reading

5 things a man wants to get on the first night sex

[1]All men, of course, is different: one love one, others crave another. For example, some like thin people, others look solely on curvy shape. Some people prefer experienced ladies looking for a second pastuszek, and better still virgins. A certain category of people enjoy gourmet, they love sushi, another type of the male half’t imagine their lives without barbecue and McDonalds. Half of the boys are owls, other leap no light, no charge. All men are different, but in spite of all the differences, in some things they converge.

You will be interested to know what your man is waiting for you on the first night:

* all they want compliments and unobtrusive praise. And they need to be praised not later, but at the very moment of copulation: sighs, groans, screams… They want to hear that sex liked her that she is happy and well satisfied;
* don’t criticize. The first night is special, expect a lot from her. So even if something went wrong, tactfully keep silent, and if possible, correct. This is one of those moments when the language of the woman can become an enemy. Especially the ban covers topics relative to the size of the penis lover and (if it happened) premature ejaculation. Continue reading

How to make acquaintance with the guys and girls?

It so happens that the place of Dating with a guy, only street. Because the girl is no longer seen as a place where else to get acquainted or just all other ways are tried before.
How to make acquaintance with the guys and girls?About the work she does not think, because there is a friendly female team, and if there’s one other man, they have long and hard ringed. It also happens that the girl is still studying at University, but as luck would have it again crept only staff where guys there. There is an option to go to the clubs in search of a loved one, but most of the ladies, or is without resources often go to such institutions, or simply unwilling to do so.

But how then could the girls to make acquaintance with the guys? Then we come to the fore acquaintance on the street, to be loved and to love, got rid, at last, from loneliness. If a woman believes in fate, that option acquaintance on the street, will be useful in the proof of this most momentous of love. And so, now you walk down the alley, and goes towards you… IT! The guy that was seen you in dreams. You, of course, immediately becomes clear that he is the same, but what are the next steps? How to make a guy acquaintance? Continue reading

How to fall in love with a girl? Application instruction

Often this question guys who haven’t seduced a girl that want myself to fall in love and for them it’s a way of seduction. But we must understand that love and love is often better and easier occurs in pairs, and not strangers.
But today we will not go into these details, and will deal directly with the issue of vljubleny.

Not love, it is love. This is an important remark, because in my opinion love is deep enough sense and there is probably over time in a pair, unlike love, which theoretically can occur almost from the first sight. In fact, under the love is a state of strong sympathy and desire, or a very strong sympathy and desire. But love is a state between two loved ones.
I repeat, we are going to talk about love.

Why should I fall in love with a girl and what’s it to you?
As I wrote, for some guys fall in love means to seduce, simply because they don’t know how else to do it. But this is not the best solution, nor to vljubleny, nor for seduction. The essence of vljubleny by and large is that the girl appeared to him in a strong romantic feelings, in General, the people have the need to love and be loved. Therefore, the question “why” not particularly stands as such. Continue reading

Luxury women's breasts - the subject of admiration and pride of women. Passing by, impossible not to pay attention to it. Neither time, magnificent breasts, men drove scrip, even the most persistent.
Birthdays today was cold, so to see the beauties of the foam series to succeed - just washing the car itself will be non-contact. But the girls in seductive costumes show polish your car to shine. And, of course, with the beauties can be photographed.
All the ideas in this article, I tried to practice. They work. Some of them I pozaimstovoval western pick up artist, I have come to some himself. With each idea, I will try to give an example to make it clearer. I'll talk about how to attract a girl's attention, to make so that she treated you like a man who is interested in her.
Describe the history of one of the visitors to our site on which a possible cause of failed relationships. Thereby indicating to you, dear reader, the right way to build a harmonious relationship with his lover.
No two girls, they are all different. And if they were all similar, except now you have read this article? You would not care which one of them in love with you. There are many different ways to get a girl. Let's look at the basic rules that will help you like the girl.